TKL’s Precast Concrete to be Featured in the New University of Toronto Project

The University of Toronto is set to unveil new renderings of the early designs for ‘The Partnerships in Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ building. The project will utilize TKL’s architectural precast concrete.

Top 8 Reasons to Use Precast for Residential Builds

The construction industry is growing and evolving rapidly. In Canada, for instance, it is forecasted that by...

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8 Things to Know about Precast Concrete and Innovative Sports Arena Design

Precast concrete components have taken innovative sports arena design to a new level. Engineers and architects must...

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Great Architectural Precast Examples

Architectural precast is a fairly modern term referring to precast concrete that adds aesthetic and architectural/functional value...

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13 Benefits of a Precast Concrete Building

More construction teams are choosing to construct entire structures using both architectural and structural precast concrete components,...

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The Drive for Urbanization Is Placing a Heavy Demand on Concrete – Depleting Sand Resources Worldwide

What’s a grain of sand really worth? You might think “not much,” until you consider the fact...

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