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Benefits of TKL’s Precast Concrete for Residential Buildings

TKL’s precast concrete is a popular, efficient and practical construction material. It features magnificent buildings that are pure architectural marvels. What’s more? It’s highly economical and environmentally friendly. No wonder it’s taking up a significant percentage of today’s built environment. TKL’s precast concrete is ideal for virtually all construction projects, including residential ones, and here’s why.

Faster Construction Speeds

TKL’s precast concrete has a track record of faster construction speeds. While the foundation or structural work is in progress, we fabricate the precast concrete component offsite at our factory.

The precast can cut completion time by days, weeks, or even months. A quickly fabricated enclosure minimizes the costs and risks associated with material and weather damage during construction.  

Faster Occupancy

As a developer or project owner, you will be impressed by how quickly occupancy can begin with precast concrete. It’s ideal for retirement and nursing homes, high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise apartment buildings, motels or hotels where revenue generation is the primary aim. Faster occupancy means realizing this goal quickly without compromising quality.

Fire Safety

In residential buildings, fire safety is a critical concern. At risk, in case of hazards, are lives and property. TKL approaches the fire containment problem by adopting a balanced design. This concept comprises three elements; detection, containment, and suppression.

Containment is a crucial aspect of a Balanced Design. For a structure to meet the containment criteria, use building materials with a fire rating of two hours or higher. Multi-unit buildings using TKL’s precast concrete panels for the floors, roof and dividing walls can contain fires at the unit of origin. This protects surrounding areas from damage.

Unmatched Comfort 

TKL’s precast concrete for residential buildings has unmatched levels of comfort. It offers low sound transmission levels in multi-unit housing projects. When used on walls, noise complaints become a rare occurrence. 

Our precast concrete does a great job of regulating temperature. Its thermal mass and resistance make this possible. To change the temperature of the high-density precast concrete that TKL manufactures, you will require an insane amount of heat energy.

WI-FI is a necessity. It plays an essential role in the overall comfort and functionality of a residential building. TKL’s precast concrete is a technology-friendly material that doesn’t interfere with local WI-FI, radio or internet networks.

It’s Secure

The solid, secure, high-quality feel and look of TKL concrete make residential buildings feel secure, resulting in steady occupancy at higher rents. It raises the sale and resale value of a structure. Tenants appreciate the security offered by a solidly built, fire-resistant and decay-proof building. Just think about it for a moment: how do you feel knowing your loved ones and possessions are safe? It must feel like home, right?  

Encourages Effective Budgeting

TKL precast concrete allows one to estimate the costs of a project early on. One can quickly assess and update estimates in case of changes in the initial design. Choose TKL’s precast concrete for your next project for realistic project budgets that you and the contractor, together with the design team, will appreciate. 

Aesthetic Variety

TKL offers a wide variety of precast concrete products. These come in a range of styles. You can expect an array of finishes, textures and colours for whatever aesthetics you are looking for. We design the panels to replicate stone, brick or granite. The goal is to achieve a strong, aesthetically appealing structure at a fraction of the cost.

We can also replicate nearly any size or shape, making it possible to blend new structures or expansion projects with the surroundings. With TKL’s precast concrete, your construction goals are only limited by your imagination. If you can dream it, we can design it!

TKL’s precast concrete is increasingly featuring residential buildings. Considering the benefits it offers, it makes excellent business sense to use for your next construction project.

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