13 Benefits of a Precast Concrete Building

13 Benefits of a Precast Concrete Building

More construction teams are choosing to construct entire structures using both architectural and structural precast concrete components, such as a concrete frame, floors, walls, and more. There are many good reasons why this sustainable construction material is becoming more popular with both builders and owners. Discover some of the top advantages below.

1. Increased Durability

A precast concrete building is known for its durability from corrosion, impact, and acid. It’s also resistant to natural disasters, mold, and insects. Rain, wind damage, termites, and decay are no match for precast concrete buildings. This durable material can withstand more wear and tear from the elements, enabling it to be just as strong years after it was cured. Not only does it have a longer service time, but it also requires little maintenance. It can resist the accumulation of dust, reduces surface voids, and withstands cycles of freeze-thaw during the winter better than many other types of building materials.
If you paint the outside of the building, you’ll only need to re-paint every five to ten years, while the interiors are easy to wash.

2. Cost-Effective Construction

Precast concrete offers a simplified construction process. The amount of labor required for precast is far lower than if you were to cure concrete on your construction site. Further, a precast manufacturer is likely to get better prices of materials due to their high volume of purchases, saving you money.
3. Aesthetically Pleasing
Concrete buildings don’t need to be boring and grey when you use precast. Rather, precast offers a variety of colors, textures, finishes, shapes, and aggregates to achieve the look you’ve envisioned for the structure.
4. Time Savings in Construction
Time equals money in construction. Simply put, it saves time to construct a building using precast concrete. The concrete can be poured and cured off-site at the same time as other work is being completed on-site to save time and reduce project delays.
5. Improved Quality Construction
Precast concrete is precisely monitored, including temperature, curing, formwork, and mix design. This leads to higher quality construction.
6. Reduced Safety Concerns on Site
Because precast concrete is manufactured off site, there are no raw materials or workers pouring and curing concrete on your construction site. This allows you to reduce safety concerns.
7. Greater Control over Your Construction Site
Precast concrete is poured and cured in a controlled environment offsite. It’s then stored until it is needed. This offers you more control onsite.
8. Easy to Install
Simply bring the precast concrete pieces on-site when you need them.
9. Noise Reduction for Owners
Precast concrete buildings offer greater privacy and soundproofing thanks to the material’s density. Multi-family residential buildings and multi-office commercial buildings are often made of precast concrete due to its noise reduction quality from floor to floor.
10. Fireproof
Precast concrete offers fireproof attributes, making it highly attractive to safety-conscious builders. Not only will precast concrete not catch on fire, but it can also limit the spread of a fire from room to room and floor to floor.
11. Reduced Heating and Cooling Needs for Owners
A precast concrete building is more thermally efficient. Concrete reacts more slowly to the changes in temperature outdoors, and thus the costs associated with heating and cooling the building are reduced.
12. Technology Friendly Buildings
This building material is Wi-Fi compatible. Though it’s strong, durable, and dense, precast concrete does not interfere with local Wi-Fi networks, internet networks, or radio signals, making it a technology-friendly material that’s suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.
13. Recyclable Material
More builders are choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. Fortunately, precast concrete is completely recyclable.
As you can see from this list of advantages, precast concrete is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons, including cost-effectiveness, durability, soundproofing, and aesthetics.

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