Why Is Precast Concrete So Popular?

Precast concrete is a strong and environmentally friendly construction material that’s manufactured in a controlled factory environment. While there are many different types of construction available, we’re seeing a rise in precast concrete products and buildings as of late.
Precast has been steadily rising in popularity among building designers and construction managers. Here’s why.

Every Construction Stakeholder Can Benefit

If you’re looking to suggest precast concrete for your next construction project, you’ll be happy to know it’s easy to get buy in since everyone involved will benefit from this choice of construction material.
The building architect will be able to ensure a seamless eco-friendly design and help ensure the building owner’s goals when precast is used. General contractors love precast because it makes their job easier on site. Construction managers enjoy the fact that fewer trades need to be on site when precast is used.
Even engineers love it because these products are so easy and efficient to use. Further, developers love that precast is a high-quality construction material that can help them complete projects months earlier.
Building owners, too, will no doubt be on board once they realize how low maintenance precast concrete is, how safe and durable of a material it is, and how it will help them realize significant energy savings.

It Creates Efficiencies in Construction

If you asked construction managers, many of them would likely say that they prefer to use precast concrete due to the efficiencies it creates. This helps ensure their projects are completed on time and on budget.
Because precast concrete products are manufactured off site in a factory setting, no time or materials have to be used or wasted to pour it on site. Because there are no material overages during the exact process of manufacturing precast concrete, there’s no money wasted, either. With poured concrete, there’s also the risk of delays if there’s bad weather. All other work needs to be halted while you wait for the concrete to cure as well. Precast can help ensure your timelines are met. Your precast concrete products are created off site and in tandem with the rest of your construction activities, so there’s no waiting.
Perhaps most importantly, though, precast concrete helps construction managers keep track of pricing and stay on budget. It’s easy to determine the cost of precast products early on in the process because the process is so tightly controlled.

It Produces Higher Quality Concrete

The quality of concrete poured on site can vary due to weather, technique, and more. Precast concrete, on the other hand, is known to be of higher quality due to its advanced manufacturing process. Strict quality standards are used in precast factories, and the manufacturing process ensures uniform consistency.
For construction managers, this means a stronger, higher quality structure. This is a huge reason for the rise in popularity of this construction material.

It’s Versatile

Whether you’re building a parking structure or a mall, a bridge, or a sound wall, you can build it with precast concrete. Until many other types of construction materials, precast concrete comes in a limitless number of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Once a mold is created, you can create any precast concrete product. Need to manufacture beams, columns, or floor slabs? No problem. Need precast walls or staircases? You got it.
This versatility makes it highly valuable to the construction industry. It allows any design, no matter how unique, to come to life.

It’s Sustainable

For building designers and construction managers who are moving towards sustainability and green construction, precast concrete is an excellent choice. It’s a green material that’s 100% made from natural aggregates, including gravel, sand, crushed stone, and rock, as well as 100% recyclable.
In an industry that’s known as a top polluter, any step towards sustainability is important.

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