Versatile Applications of TKL’s Precast Concrete

The enduring success of precast concrete lies in its versatility. One can use it on commercial, institutional, residential, or high-rise buildings. These include office complexes, stores, hospitals, parking garages and repetitive, modular structures. While most of your construction projects can benefit from TKL’s precast concrete products, the following applications attest to its versatility.

Office Buildings

TKL’s precast concrete allows for one-of-a-kind architectural designs, resulting in visually appealing functional structures. You can use the precast concrete columns alongside architectural panels to design large, open spaces. The modular nature of office buildings makes TKL’s precast concrete popular with most clients. One of the installations you need in an office building is parking space. The perfect parking spaces and garages have to factor in three things: installation, economy and durability.

You can use precast concrete for single-level, mid-rise and multi-level parking structures. Fortunately, TKLs precast concrete is both durable and cost-effective, especially for modular installations. Besides the speed and convenience at which these structures can be erected, precast concrete allows efficient and cost-effective construction in all-weather conditions.

Residential Buildings


You can use TKL’s precast concrete to construct mid-rise, low-rise and high-rise apartments, nursing homes, motels and hotels. The concrete’s superior sound control will make noise complaints by neighbors a thing of the past. Truth be told, no one likes to be asked to lower the volume when listening to their favorite tune.

The fire-resistance capabilities of TKLs precast concrete will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and possessions are safe. Besides, these precast panels dramatically speed up the construction process. It’s actually possible to complete one floor per week. This translates into faster occupancy, meaning the building will generate income faster. Compare this to buildings constructed with traditional materials, which take quite some time to complete. TKL’s solid, high-quality precast panels make them an excellent choice for residential buildings.



The design flexibility and faster construction turnover of TKLs precast concrete mean they are perfect for erecting educational institutions. Classrooms, office facilities, school swimming pools, gymnasiums, auditoriums and student residences can all be constructed using the TKL’s long-span panels.

The architectural precast panels come with durable and visually appealing exterior finishes that can go for years without the need for maintenance. The controlled conditions under which these materials are manufactured make it possible to achieve superior finishes. Besides, using precast concrete panels to build schools has unmatched advantages. These include improved durability, quality and reduced construction time. They are also highly economical to use.

TKLs precast concrete panels require minimal maintenance during the lifetime of a school. You only need to re-caulk them after every 15 to 20 years.

Industrial Buildings


TKL’s precast concrete is sturdy and fire-resistant. It can withstand damp conditions and hold well when exposed to chemicals. The smooth, clean surfaces make it an ideal choice for food and wet processing; and computer component manufacturing operations.

The long spans are ideal for open spaces and are particularly useful in industrial and warehouse construction projects. The panels require little maintenance as they are resistant to weathering, abrasion, and other harsh chemicals. They can also withstand high-pressure hose streams, thermal shock, and wash-down.

One of the most essential aspects of construction material is durability over different seasons. Even when exposed to the elements, TKL’s precast concrete can withstand a great deal of wear and tear for decades. This durability and ability to withstand the ravages of the weather make TKLs precast concrete an obvious choice for industrial buildings.

Hospital Buildings


Hospital buildings should be designed to facilitate the efficient delivery of healthcare services. They should also create a positive environment to promote the speedy recovery of patients. Studies have shown that quiet and serene surroundings are critical for good sleep among patients, especially those in intensive care units (ICUs). The last thing a school wants is sleep disturbance among patients. Luckily, the soundproofing capabilities of TKL precast concrete panels for hospital construction projects means patients can sleep with minimal or no noise. 

TKL’s precast concrete is undoubtedly one of the most versatile construction materials. It’s highly durable, fire-resistant, and easy to mold into any shape. It also features a robust visual appearance that is pleasant to behold. The controlled conditions under which these materials are manufactured make them ideal for your next project, be it a high-rise/ residential, commercial and institutional project.

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