What You Need to Know About TKL’s Insulated Precast Sandwich Wall Panels

TKL’s insulated precast sandwich wall panels feature two conventionally pre-stressed or reinforced concrete wythes. These have an uninterrupted layer of extruded polystyrene sandwiched between them. They are available in a variety of lengths, widths, thicknesses and exterior finishes. The panels provide a wall system that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing. Here is what you need to know about TKL’s precast insulated sandwich wall panels.

They are Durable

TKL’s precast concrete sandwich panels last exceptionally long. This is because of the rigid insulation shielding that, over time, keeps its R-value. The panels feature interior and exterior wythes. The latter prevents shifting or settling that usually erodes thermal efficiency. We manufacture in a controlled environment to give our professionals control of the entire process. The result is industry-standard insulated sandwich wall panels. 

They are Energy Efficient

The insulated sandwich wall panels come with superior insulating properties. The thickness and type of insulation vary depending on a project’s thermal requirements.

The panels have superior thermal mass characteristics compared to other construction materials. We do the installation at the factory in a controlled environment. This allows the concrete to protect the insulation once cured.

The recommended minimum thickness of the insulation is 25mm. There is, however, no limit on maximum thickness. The panels are superior since the insulation values range from RSI-0.88 to RSI-7.0 or higher, based on a project’s requirements. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Faster Construction Speeds

We manufacture our insulated precast sandwich wall panels in the factory from start to finish. The only task remaining upon arrival at the construction site is the erection of the panels (at half the overall construction time). It also makes it possible to enclose building shells in just a few days, regardless of the weather.

TKL’s sandwich panels typically span the foundation to roof framing. This drastically reduces the pieces and joints you need to erect the panels. From the get-go, our team will sit down with you to plan and coordinate the delivery of the panels. For steel frame and concrete buildings, we can do up to 100 lineal meters per day.

They are Economical

TKL’s insulated precast sandwich wall panels are economical. We produce them in a factory-controlled environment. As a result, the need for maintenance is significantly low. Our panels are also suitable for adaptations of buildings to new uses or expansion projects. They are easy to remove and reuse. You can use them in non-load-bearing and load-bearing applications. Precast insulated sandwich panels are also cost-effective. Their modular nature, energy efficiency, fire resistance, strength, and durability make them extremely attractive to builders.

They Offer Structural Efficiency

We can manufacture single-story precast insulated sandwich wall panels to span the foundation to the roof beams. We can do this with no additional intermediate support. Our panels eliminate the need for columns and beams along exterior walls. They also provide blast resistance and can withstand heavy loads, such as wind, equipment, structural loads, and seismic activity.

They are Fire Resistant

TKL precast concrete has fire containment characteristics. The insulated sandwich wall panels have a fire resistance of up to 4 hours. The improved structural safety speeds up mortgage approvals and improves insurance rates. We determine the fire-resistance capability of the panels by calculating the total thickness of the two concrete wythes against temperature rise.

They Offer Great Acoustics and Vibration Control

TKL’s insulated precast sandwich wall panels feature impressive acoustics and vibration control. This is courtesy of their insulating core and two layers of concrete. Vibration and noise containment capabilities keep unwanted vibrations and noise from traveling through the panels. Such properties make these panels great for courthouses, high-end office spaces, hospitals, research facilities, food processing, clean manufacturing, high-tech labs, freezer buildings, colleges, schools, and residential buildings. 

TKL’s insulated precast sandwich wall panels offer benefits one cannot afford to ignore. They provide an outstanding balance of functionality and aesthetics. Get in touch and allow us to work with you on your next project. When you do, expect only the best service at the most competitive rates.

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