How TKL Precast Concrete Promotes Green Building

As you take a walk or drive through today’s urban built environment, you’ll notice that precast concrete is increasingly featuring among construction projects. The reason this is happening is TKLs products have a reputation for promoting green architecture.

Green building entails incorporating sustainable and environmentally friendly choices into the construction process. When a construction project adheres to green building principles, it receives a LEED certification. This recognition comes with benefits such as increased building valuation and reduced liability, just to mention a few. Here is how TKLs precast concrete promotes green building.

It’s Durable

A building that uses TKLs precast concrete stands out in terms of durability. This is a critical characteristic of a green building. It can withstand the wear and tear brought about by occupant use and the elements for an extended period. Projects using TKL’s precast concrete can last for more than a hundred years.

Some characteristics that make TKL’s precast concrete long-lasting include its watertight nature. It is also resistant to weather, fire, mould and insects. It can also withstand most corrosive agents. Even under exposure to the elements and natural calamities like earthquakes and the winter’s freeze-thaw cycles, TKL’s concrete performs better than most building materials. These characteristics significantly lower insurance and maintenance costs.

TKL’s concrete is durable because it’s manufactured in a controlled environment and then transported to the construction site. This type of manufacture plays a critical role in making the concrete durable and sturdy. Unlike most building materials, TKL’s precast concrete stays strong for periods exceeding 100 years.

Promotes Minimum Energy Use

Manufacturing TKL’s precast concrete is an exercise in precise engineering and design. The material features high R values, which lower HVAC demands. One needs fewer sealed joints when using large precast concrete panels. This reduces the levels of uncontrolled air infiltration in a structure. Such characteristics are critical to qualify for most LEED credits under the Optimise Energy Performance category. 

The processes and materials for a construction project play a critical role in the overall energy efficiency of a construction project. For example, concrete can keep cooled or heated air, allowing one to reduce the overall energy load of a building. It also results in significant savings on energy bills. 

You can customize TKL’s precast concrete to feature energy-efficient elements like shading, vertical fins and recessed windows. It also allows manufacturers to integrate cast-in insulation.

Reduces Waste

TKL’s precast concrete manufacturing process uses highly effective recycling systems, which recapture cement, aggregates, water or slurry into production. We use a closed-loop system to minimize outgoing waste materials. During the lifetime of the precast concrete units, it reabsorbs most of the carbon dioxide used to create them (a process known as carbonation). 

One can locally source the materials used in manufacturing TKL’s precast concrete, eliminating the need to import materials. This avoids the potential environmental impact that shipping often causes. Locally available aggregates promote low carbon footprint deliveries to the site.

Optimizes Operations and Maintenance

Our precast concrete optimizes the operations and maintenance of a construction project. We can achieve this because our professionals closely monitor every detail of the manufacturing process. Besides, our manufacturing facilities are climate-controlled. Inspectors are on standby to test and certify every component to ensure they meet our stringent engineering standards.

The detailed engineering process of manufacturing TKL’s precast concrete optimizes operations and maintenance, making it a highly sought-after material in the construction industry.

Structure and Siting Design Efficiency

TKL’s precast concrete works on an efficient delivery model. Construction could be in progress even as the building design develops; with tweaks and sometimes significant changes here and there. Unlike other site-cast products, TKL’s precast concrete isn’t weather-dependent. This is because we manufacture it off-site, allowing just-in-time delivery and a cleaner, safer construction site.

At TKL, we strive to promote green building solutions whenever we can. Besides promoting a more productive and healthier workplace, observing green building practices can be an excellent selling point for your project. Use our precast concrete for your next project and reap the benefits of green building

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