Precast Concrete Cleaning Tips from TKL

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your precast concrete panels looked as good as the day they were installed? No matter how careful you are, spills and stains will occur. When they do, they degrade the beauty of your precast concrete.

Granted, TKL precast concrete panels are durable. However, they are not immune to the porous nature of concrete. Besides, concrete has microscopic gaps that can harbour mould, dirt and a variety of deep, persistent stains.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods for removing stains and maintaining the visual appeal of your precast concrete. And you don’t always need special tools to clean your concrete surface. Basic tools found in most buildings will do. Here is a list of tips to set stains and clean fresh spills, as well as recommendations on what to do before cleaning

Apply Pressure Washing

Giving your precast concrete panels a pressure wash wherever possible is a great way to remove dirt, dust, stains and grass. The good thing is that TKL’s precast concrete is extremely durable; so, you don’t have to fret about causing any damage. Pressure washing is, however, ideal for the exteriors of your building, the side of the precast concrete panels exposed to the elements.

Good Old Hand Washing Still Works

Not every surface lends itself to pressure washing. Some areas require the kind of personalized attention that only a basic hand-wash will do. For these, use water and detergent, a sponge or scrub and clean away. These items are not only effective but readily available as well, which means more savings to you. For hand washing, use pH-neutral products or bacterial cleaners. The latter is especially effective in removing pet urine.

Always Test Cleaning Methods in A Hidden Spot

Before you begin cleaning the entire area, carefully test your preferred cleaning method, including the cleaning treatments, in an inconspicuous spot. This is especially important if the exterior surface of your precast panels features a sealer or finish, or a pigment was used during manufacturing.

Use Grit-type Cleaners or Acidic Treatment for Tough Stains

Grit-type cleaners and acidic treatment are great for cleaning buildings constructed in harsh environmental conditions, and those that haven’t received a wash in a while. For example, a solution of Trisodium Phosphate is known to remove the most stubborn stains. 

It’s important to note that some cleaning products are meant to be used in accordance with special regulations regarding the cleaning procedures and time of use. This is the reason its always important to perform a test of the cleaning procedure on a small area first.

Wet Surrounding Concrete When Cleaning a Spot

When cleaning a spot, it can be quite difficult to prevent wash water from splashing onto the surrounding concrete. Considering wash water typically contains chemicals or detergents, it can be damaging if absorbed, or leave even more stubborn stains. To prevent this, always begin by using clean water to wet the concrete surrounding the area you’re about to work on.

Use the Professionals

Sometimes it may not be worth your time to do the cleaning yourself. Or perhaps the nature of cleaning is such that it’s best left to the professionals. Contracting a cleaning company for regular maintenance of your precast concrete surface is recommended for office buildings. It all boils down to whether you have the time and the staff to do it, otherwise you are better off leaving this task to professional cleaners. 

How often you clean your precast concrete panels is determined by the surrounding environment. The nature and size of the area requiring cleaning also determine what cleaning ingredients to use. With stains, the rule-of-thumb is to clean immediately you spot them. Get used to this habit long enough and your TKLs precast concrete surfaces will look like new over the years. It’s about regular maintenance and making sure your panels are regularly cleaned.

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