Pushing Innovation and Sustainable Work Processes

If there is one thing successful companies do, it’s to continuously innovate. But, the companies that ultimately succeed are those that innovate sustainably. This is what keeps the TKL Group ahead of the rest.

TKL Group’s Strategy for Innovation and Sustainability 

TKL understands that the construction industry has unique demands. To meet these demands, they constantly push for innovation and sustainable work processes in both the manufacturing processes and the way they install precast concrete components. The company believes that the more innovative they are, the more sustainable and efficient its processes get.

Computer-guided Forming Machines

Over the years, TKL has consistently introduced several innovations to deliver cutting-edge projects. Among these are computer-guided forming machines, digital infrastructure, 3D Modeling and design, and 3D scanning technology that can bring to life historical structures.

After scanning, the software processes the captured data to restore monuments and other historical structures to their original state. The technology is so developed that the structures can be redesigned to eliminate aesthetic imperfections.

These innovations have allowed TKL to improve the safety of its products and processes, streamline the entire precast manufacturing process, decrease error occurrences, enhance product quality, and optimize overall precast production.

Building Tomorrow’s Products Today

Having grown up in the industry, Adam & Marc noticed that no one was providing requisite attention to sustainability and technology. As they watched the company grow, they were acutely aware of a lack of innovation and sustainability.

Their desire to sustainably innovate was largely inspired by the fact that nothing was being done to improve processes and realign them to current realities. They were also inspired by their young children, who were a constant reminder that structures that retain relevance are those that are built with tomorrow in mind.

This sparked a desire to push the company and the industry as a whole towards more sustainable practices. Today, TKL continues to offer more than just precast concrete products to its clients.

TKL’s Cutting-edge Solutions

TKL’s precast concrete offering also includes disassembly adaptability and reuse, which provides better alternatives to incineration or landfill. The products can also be crushed and repurposed for road bases or as aggregate in panels.

Environmentally Sustainable Processes

In a drastic move to reduce carbon emissions into the environment, TKL has managed to achieve a 22% reduction in the amount of cement used in their precast products. This has been achieved through consistent and continuous process improvements. As a result, every year, there has been a marked reduction in the emission of CO2 into the environment.

Also, by upgrading its compressor infrastructure, TKL has reduced the amount of water it uses by up to 7.4 million liters. This equates to 977 tons of CO2. TKL also recycles 100 tons of sand from its sandblasting processes annually. The sand is then reused to make fresh concrete mixes.

A Case Study in Sustainability: The University of Toronto Project

A good example of TKL’s sustainability efforts is the University of Toronto project. The creative building cladding design is a part of the University’s efforts to reduce energy consumption by 20%. Besides the soundproofing benefits of using precast concrete, the building has fewer energy demands and lower HVAC costs during winter and summer.

Innovation and Environmental Sustainability

Innovation and sustainability are inseparable in the precast concrete industry. With the environment being bashed from all sides by processes and practices that continually degrade it, successful companies are innovating sustainably, and continuously. The understanding that the environment is important is quickly gaining traction among precast concrete manufacturers.

TKL provides award-winning consultation, designs, and structural and architectural manufacturing services with the ability to redesign any structure and restore historical monuments to their original state, removing aesthetic imperfections.

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