TKL’s Precast Concrete to be Featured in the New University of Toronto Project

The University of Toronto is set to unveil new renderings of the early designs for ‘The Partnerships in Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ building. The project will utilize TKL’s architectural precast concrete.

The design of the angular 14-storey building is a collaborative effort between the New York-based Weiss/Manfredi and the Toronto-based Teeple Architects. This architectural masterpiece will replace the western section of the current Banting and Best complex, which presently houses the ‘U of T Entrepreneurship’ hub.

Among the exciting aspects of the project is the fact that it will feature artificial intelligence, a first for TKL precast concrete projects. For such a prestigious University, this is indeed an impressive milestone for TKL.

Precast concrete is the perfect material for a project of this nature. It’s no surprise that U of T has chosen precast over other methods such as cast-in-place concrete. The former is ideal for completing projects within shorter time frames. Besides, precast concrete is fire-resistant and Wi-Fi friendly.

The building will benefit from the soundproofing qualities of precast concrete. Since U of T is a learning institution, this feature will minimize outdoor distractions. Finally, the thermal efficiency of precast concrete means lower HVAC costs and reduced energy consumption in both summer and winter seasons.

The history of the University of Toronto dates back to 1827. It was initially known as the King’s College, which was established by the Royal Charter in the same year. In 1850, the institution was renamed the University of Toronto.

The building will be the first new structure on the development Site on 112 College Street (Best Building). The proposed building massing is a tapered 13-storey structure (excluding the Mechanical Penthouse).

Tenants of the new building will include UTE (University of Toronto Entrepreneurship), IPO (the Innovations & Partnerships Office), VIAI (the Vector Institute of Artificial Intelligence), and Office/Start-Ups space.

Programmatic common areas will be spread vertically throughout the building to facilitate cross-collaboration. A three-storey atrium, numerous teaching areas, including a massive two hundred-seater multipurpose room, and shared meeting rooms, are some of the collaborative spaces the new masterpiece will feature. And the beauty of it all! TKL is involved.

TKL is excited for several reasons. First, the University of Toronto is a leading institution for knowledge creation, discovery and learning in Canada. Second, the university is among the top research-intensive academic institutions in the world. It is constantly innovating and inventing. This leadership in innovation will be embodied in the new building, which will use TKL’s renowned precast concrete.

The collaborative spaces included in the design will benefit from the company’s precast concrete’s ability to create extensive unobstructed spaces, allowing easy incorporation of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the versatility and adaptability of TKLs precast concrete, the unique design goals of this structure will be met.

TKLs precast concrete is manufactured in a controlled environment under strict supervision. The goal is to ensure quality at every stage of the process. These precast concrete products will guarantee decades of stability and safety once the new structure is erected. 

TKL’s track record of meeting tight deadlines will ensure the project is completed on schedule. With years of experience working with precast concrete, the team of professionals at TKL can’t wait to get started on this project. For now, it is just an impressive design. Soon it will come to life and take its place among Toronto’s incredible architectural landscape. 

TKL understands the unique role and inspiring contributions of the University of Toronto to Canada’s academic history. As the top university in Canada and one of the top 25 globally, the company understands that involvement in the current U of T project is a huge milestone.

TKL is committed to delivering quality precast concrete to the U of T project. The goal is to ensure that leaders and innovators of the future will conduct their research and studies within a durable structure; one that is architecturally sound. It’s indeed a great honour to be a part of this project.

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