Rooted in the Past, Focused on the Future

Since 1977,  TKL Group has been designing, manufacturing, consulting and installing eco-friendly structural and architectural products using sustainable precast concrete. As a result, TKL has become one of the most sought-after precast concrete manufacturing companies in Canada and the United States.

The TKL Journey

TKL Group started out as a boutique precast contractor, primarily taking on high-end custom projects. Today, TKL has the capacity to produce 1,000,000+ square feet of precast concrete products every year, while still maintaining its reputation for delivering quality, high-end work every time.

The recent TKL anniversary celebration marked the company’s 45th year of upholding relationships, honesty and integrity in business. Since it first opened its doors in 1977, TKL has been delivering quality products and services to its customers.

The Big Breaks

In 1979, Tri-Krete Limited (TKL) was awarded its first significant contract, a landmark project at the Royal Ontario Museum. This was followed six years later by another key contract to supply and install architectural precast to  the Kings Landing Condo on the Toronto waterfront. This was one of the largest and most prominent projects undertaken by the company at the time. It was designed by the award-winning architect, Arthur Erickson. Since those humble beginnings, and the initial big breaks, TKL has grown from a modest family-owned firm into a renowned leader in the precast concrete industry.

Visionary Founders and Expansion Into the U.S

Anthony Bombini became the sole proprietor of Tri-Krete Limited in 1995 with a focus on the expansion of its operations into the United States. Marc and Adam, Anthony’s sons, expanded the firm even further through acquisitions, which led to the formation of the TKL Group as it exists today. 

The Bombini family maintains control of the business and continues to run it. Even though the firm has significantly grown since the days when the family handled the day-to-day operations, the family is still actively involved in shaping the culture and direction of the organization, and ensure that everyone at TKL feels like family. 

Collaborative Creativity

Everyone at TKL understands the critical importance of each project, from conception to execution. Each project benefits from the committed and knowledgeable staff’s creativity. The TKL engineers and designers understand both the small and the big picture of every project. This is a key advantage since every project receives the best attention, all the way to the minutest detail.

Environmental Sustainability

The TKL Group is committed to sustainable precast concrete construction. As a result, the employees and everyone at TKL are acutely aware of the importance of using manufacturing processes and procedures that don’t degrade the environment.

The company is committed to easing the burden on the environment by encouraging all stakeholders in the construction industry to adopt green strategies by employing sustainable construction processes. The company uses a holistic approach to construction by rethinking and repurposing every step of its manufacturing process. The goal is to make sure all sustainability issues are addressed before a project takes off.

TKL collaborates with builders, developers, and architects from around Canada and the northeastern United States to promote environmentally responsible practices in building design and construction.

Strategic Acquisitions

TKL Group has grown by leaps and bounds through strategic acquisitions and a strong desire to grow. From its humble beginnings in 1977, the firm has evolved through the years, working hard to maintain its relevance in the market.

TKL Group has not been averse to pushing industry limits or breaking into new territories. It has set itself apart by incorporating environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing methods into its operations. It has also not shunned away from implementing innovative cutting-edge technologies to deliver projects that are simply ahead of our times, or even from eras gone by.

TKL is committed to breaking into new frontiers, like working to incorporate alternative cladding solutions into projects, and ensuring projects are built to last and sustainable.

Ultimately, the TKL team understands that the only way to build structures that last is to make sure there is a perfect balance between the products and the environment.

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