Precast Concrete for Educational Buildings

The versatility of TKL precast concrete knows no bounds. You can spot this durable building material on virtually any type of structure in Canada. From facilities and classrooms, school swimming pools, gymnasiums, auditoriums and student residences, precast concrete is excellent for universities, colleges and other educational buildings. This perhaps informs the choice by the University of Toronto to use TKL’s precast concrete in their new construction project. 

The reason behind the popularity of precast concrete in the construction of educational buildings is that TKL’s precast concrete structures offer unmatched advantages. Below is a list of just a few.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is an essential aspect of any construction project. It is even more critical in educational buildings that experience heavy human traffic throughout the day. Luckily, TKL’s precast concrete is naturally non-combustible.

During manufacture, TKL engineers strictly adhere to all the relevant fire codes. They do this without having to incorporate an extra coating or design. The fire resistance capabilities of precast concrete are responsible for the faster completion times since the need for additional trades at the site is eliminated.

TKL’s precast concrete doesn’t require activation in case of a fire. When exposed to intense heat, it preserves its structural integrity and does not emit lethal smoke. By choosing TKL precast concrete as the primary material for your construction project, you get faster fire detection and suppression. It also allows quick evacuation.

Low Maintenance

Ideally, educational buildings are built to last, at least for several generations. Thanks to the durability of TKL precast concrete, such structures only require minimal maintenance throughout the lifespan of the institution. When you choose TKL precast panels, you only need to re-caulk them every 15-20 years. That’s all you need to maintain their functionality and reliability. You can also say goodbye to unsightly stains and mould formation on surfaces built with TKL precast concrete.


One of the enduring benefits of TKL precast concrete is unmatched durability. The panels can weather the vagaries of the weather for decades with just routine maintenance. Besides, the precast concrete is resistant to chloride penetration. It also does not corrode. TKL’s sandwich insulated wall panels, for example, are ideal for gymnasiums and other heavily-used spaces.

Optimized Floor Area

The insulated sandwich panels referred to above are highly energy efficient. They feature a thin cross-section that maximizes the interior floor space. Usually, the panels have a thickness of 10 inches or 250mm. This is significantly thinner than masonry walls that are typically 16 inches or 400mm thick. And why is this important? Well, it translates into significant space savings, which is a critical advantage for educational buildings. This is without compromising the durability of the structure. By using TKL precast concrete in your next school construction or renovation project, you will enjoy increased interior spaces, faster completion times and a more energy-efficient structure. 

Long Spans

TKL precast concrete offers excellent design flexibility that allows long clear spans. This works well for educational buildings, which incorporate a significant number of shared spaces. By using this brand of precast concrete, you eliminate the need for interior columns, which translates into savings on the cost of the material. 

Faster Fabrication and Erection Speeds

The manufacture of precast concrete components can start even as the foundation work progresses. This is possible since the parts are manufactured at the factory, away from the construction site. This means more work can be done at a faster rate. The quick turnaround in terms of erecting the panels means that work on interiors can begin early. By choosing TKL precast concrete, you cut the duration of construction projects to months or even weeks, depending on the size and requirements of a project. The beauty of speedy fabrication and erection is that it safeguards against the risks posed by the elements.

Noise Reduction

Not all precast concrete materials are built the same. The manufacturing process must adhere to the most stringent quality standards and construction codes. The manufacture of TKL precast concrete is a cut above the rest. The final product is denser and more robust than other types. This perhaps explains why most construction projects such as educational institutions use TKL precast concrete to construct magnificent buildings. The sound-proofing capabilities of this construction material make it ideal for schools located close to highways and busy neighborhoods. 

You can use precast concrete to construct barriers such as walls. Because it is dense, this brand of precast concrete efficiently minimizes noise. It also creates a seclusion zone. It does this by keeping outside noise from entering the structure while containing internal sounds within the building. This way, students and teachers can hold constructive learning sessions and conversations without interruption from outside. No wonder TKL precast concrete is popular among educational institutions.

TKL precast concrete is ideal for educational buildings. It offers unmatched benefits that endure throughout the life of your institution.

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