8 Things to Know about Precast Concrete and Innovative Sports Arena Design

8 Things to Know about Precast Concrete and Innovative Sports Arena Design

Precast concrete components have taken innovative sports arena design to a new level. Engineers and architects must create facilities that can cater to a wide range of needs. Contractors and designers have turned to precast concrete components to implement structural and architectural applications.
Besides consistently providing durable and consistent solutions to the construction process, precast concrete has also revolutionized stadium designs. Stadia risers, columns, roofs and stadium exterior and interiors are now constructed using this technology. Below are eight things to know about precast concrete and innovative sports arena design.

1. Unparalleled Structural Versatility and Superior Aesthetics

When it comes to durability and versatility, nothing comes close to precast concrete. It’s especially suited for innovative sports arena designs. No other construction material comes with such a diverse range of textures, shapes and colours. Besides, it’s inexpensive to maintain, provides weather tightness, is fire-resistant, and comes with acoustical insulation. It also outlasts most construction materials. It’s your ultimate construction material for enclosing or cladding arenas and stadiums.

2. Precast Concrete Is Eco-friendly

If you are thinking of energy efficiency, concrete should be at the top of your mind. Besides the fact that it’s extremely durable, precast concrete has numerous environmental advantages.
Since concrete is reusable, it comes with massive energy savings. This reason alone explains why precast concrete is among the oldest environment-friendly construction materials you can find. It’s not the kind of material that’s here today, gone tomorrow. Its ingredients are readily available, making it the most convenient construction material around. All you need is water, aggregate (sand, gravel, and stone), and cement.
There’s an expanding list of recycled materials that supplement cement during construction. These include coal discards from burning power plants and fly ash. As a result, the cement manufacturing process is increasingly using recycled materials.

3. It’s Stronger, Last Longer

Besides versatility, durability is the other attribute of precast concrete. Structures constructed using precast concrete are literally “built to last”. Of course, nothing lasts forever, but concrete structures come close. Besides, precast concrete is almost impermeable. It can withstand water, fire and the elements better than any construction material you can think of. Due to this durability, precast concrete attracts low maintenance and inexpensive reconstruction. The result is resource conservation, which translates into environmental preservation. When it comes to the end of its life, concrete can be reborn by first crushing it and reusing it for pipes as aggregate. It can also be used to construct roadbeds and to lay a foundation for other structures.

4. Time Efficiency

The use of precast concrete drastically reduces construction time without compromising safety or quality. This is because construction monitoring responsibility is shared between the consultants, suppliers and contractors. This further enhances the lean construction principle by maximizing value-added changes while minimizing activity flows.

5. Easy Decision-making Process

Precast concrete has a positive impact in instances involving a joint venture managed by the contractor. This is because the procurement process is a two-stage procedure comprising documentation and a guaranteed maximum price for the construction contract.
Decision-making is easy since the lead contractor has the full mandate to make new construction changes onsite. This despite the fact such modifications were not initially envisioned by the concept designer or by the technical teams.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

With innovative solutions, sports arenas can be built within budget and on time. This is made possible by both the technological and organizational systems, which manage the risks and benefits equitably. The traditional procurement processes do not have this advantage. The lead contractor’s mandate is to manage the technical process oversights that, in turn, result in time and cost economies.

7. Has Room for Innovation

The attitudes associated with traditional procurement building systems are an impediment to innovative products and ideas. They inhibit lean construction principles. A hybrid procurement system has room for equitable sharing of risks and benefits. It attempts to give the best from both the bottom-up and top-down innovation approach and at the same time deals with any challenges posed by the contractual systems.
The “Document and Construct” contract approach has provision for feasibility testing of new ideas during the construction process. The result is an enriched process that comes with benefits such as exploring and embracing innovative solutions, and overall time-saving and cost implications. The concept of sharing the benefits should a project be completed and delivered under the guaranteed maximum price encourages contractors to adopt innovative composite construction strategies.

8. Great Quality Control

Quality is assured when working with precast cement. This is because they are prepared in controlled factory conditions and support rapid site construction. The result is a speedy but consistent erection. Precast cement prepared off-site keeps the work site clean, unlike site-cast cement that is manipulated on-site.
When working with precast cement to build a sports arena, one enjoys the benefits of its versatile attributes. These include a combination of texture, form and colour, and accessories of all shapes and sizes. Besides, robust Integration is inevitable when working with precast concrete.

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